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Ami was one of those girls who needed to study her ass off to get to where she was, whereas [my OC is] just genuinely smart.


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Character names have been changed.

when she was 5 years old she was born on the very last day of december so her parents dient know what to name her they started of with autum untill her mom divorced her father,her father dident know what to name her so he figured if he sent her to school people would give him ideas and they did on her first day of kindergarden she met sailor moon and her friends she became a good meber of there group but there was no more planets for her to be named so they just called her rainbowbutt because o the way she dressed always in black…………..

rainbowbutt continued to be the best of friends with sailor moon and her friends untill one day at school she hade gotten the message that her father hade died by a severe heart attack this happend right after rainbowbutt turned 14 b this time her hair was long and pretty much like sailor moons but hers was died black

she then cut her hair as a sign of respect that her father would go to heaven (and he did)rainbowbutt became emo and started to carry a large pick axe around her in her 18 year old days she did this because hse did not want any one to find out that she was adopted for her sake in life……..

then one day when she finally told sailor moon what was wrong she became herself again when her hair hade grown back to a long position again……….

rainbowbutt then went to collage with a proper sailors outfit alot of guys hade fallen in love with her but she took no chance in starting a relastionship with any of them at all she just walked the woods with her dearest friends saving people in the universe and letting her hair turn grey its rightful color to become sailor rainbowbutt……….

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